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FireSense+ Speedway Open Wheel SFI 17.3 system

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Billet Mount - Chassis Tube Diameter

SFI17.3 5lb FireSense+ with 4Fire Universal AUTOMATIC System with remotely mounted AM Block SFI 17.3 CERTIFIED

The first system certified to the newest SFI 17.3 specification for open wheel-front engine cars including Sprintcars, Wingless, Speedcars and Formula 500, comes with SPA Technique’s patented AM Block, which stands for Automatic Manual.  

The FireSense the AM Block features an automatic trigger function. If internal temperatures of the cabin rapidly rise to extreme temperatures the system will automatically trigger. This safety feature ensures that in the event a fire quickly getting out of control or a driver losing consciousness or is trapped and unable to operate the system it will operate automatically. The system also features a built-in pressure release valve should the cylinder reach critical pressure due to a fire event it will safely release pressure preventing a dangerous cylinder explosion. The block also has a Manual "Pull for Fire" lanyard (an external pull cable is optional), that serves as a manual override for the driver, if they wish to activate the system before the heat gets to where the block is mounted.

The system utilizes 4Fire Universal as the suppression agent. 4Fire
presents as an AFFF(aqueous film forming foam), which blankets everything
it touches. This means it’s cooling while also forming a boundary
layer, to help prevent re-ignition. It also offers quick fire-out times on par
with clean agents (gases).

The bottle is chassis mounted allowing it to be placed in the best location for weight distribution, either behind the seat or on the sides.

Each complete system includes the following:

  • 1 x Bottle - filled and pressurized with Auto head and valve
  • 1 x AM Block (contains thermal bulb rated at 175°F)
  • 2 x Nozzles
  • 10ft Aluminum tubing
  • 1 x E-sticker
  • 2 x Billet Chassis Mounts - choose chassis mounting diameter
  • Bottle Dimensions: 15 1/4" x 4 3/8"
  • Bottle Weight filled: 8.8lbs.

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