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Kryo Cooling

Kryo Flo-Lok Dry Break Couplings

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Flo-Lok Dry Break Couplings for Liquid Cooling Garments

Flo-Lok couplings are the world's standard connector for liquid cooling garments.

They are used in all military aircraft with personal cooling systems, in auto and air racing, and even go into space with NASA.

Flo-Lok couplings push together, maintain a secure connection, and can be disconnected by pushing a button or by pulling them apart. Their latch design prevents accidental release under normal operating conditions but allows the coupling to be pulled apart in an emergency.

Female Button connector is for the garment side of the umbilical/tubing, which connects to the Male Latch on the Cooling system side.

Push together

Push the coupling halves together. They will latch and maintain a secure connection.

Manual Release
Press the release button to disconnect the coupling halves.
Emergency Release
In an emergency, pull the Flo-Lok coupling apart. It will automatically release at about 10 pounds of force. The emergency release break force is calibrated during manufacturing and can be adjusted in the field.

Dry Release
Flo-Lok couplings are virtually dry-release, allowing less than one cubic centimeter of water loss per 100 disconnects. The flow of water stops when the coupling is disconnected.

Latch Design
Flo-Lok couplings' manual release incorporates a durable bronze-aluminum catch. When the coupling halves are pressed together, the latch pin assembly's latch dogs engage the manual release's catch.

Pressing the push button on the manual release moves a slider that depresses the latch dogs and causes the coupling to disconnect.

Tubing Size
Flo-Lok couplings will accept either 3/16'' or 1/4'' I.D. and either 5/16'' or 3/8'' O.D. tubing by installing the appropriate size hose barb and strain relief during manufacturing. Other tubing sizes can be accommodated through secondary machining of the strain relief.

Dust Cover
Flo-Lok couplings have an easily-attachable dust cover on each half to prevent introduction of dirt when not in use. 

Testing indicates that Flo-Lok couplings have a useable life of more than 20,000 connect-disconnect cycles without significant change in hands-free break force. The latch mechanism is not affected by either operational shock or vibration.


Flo-Lok couplings can be calibrated to a precise break force and adjusted with only basic tools. They are factory-calibrated to 10 pounds break force. Calibrated break force varies by only ± 15% after 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles.

Sturdy Construction
Flo-Lok couplings have robust glass-filled nylon shells and sturdy corrosion-resistant hardware and latch materials that withstand shock and hard use.

Field Maintenance
Flo-Lok couplings can be maintained in the field with only basic tools and commonly-available components.

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