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Schuberth Helmet Accessories

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Schuberth Accessories

Schuberth Vent Scoop Kit is intended for drivers looking to improve airflow without increasing the overall helmet size. The six Top Individual Vent Scoops attach by pressing into the top vent holes. Held in place by pressure, the scoops can be removed without damaging the helmet shell. Kit includes all six scoops. 

Racers driving open cockpit vehicles know the importances of aerodynamics and reducing wind resistance.

*The below pieces are attached using double sided adhesives, and can easily be removed at a later date. 

Schuberth Scoop directs fresh air into your helmet using helmet scoops! These scoops attach using double sided adhesive and can be removed without damaging the helmet shell. 

Schuberth Chin Vent Covers are designed around open cockpit drivers. Adhering to the helmet using double sided adhesive, the Chin Vent Covers restrict inbound airflow from the top chin vents, while still allowing hot air to vent out through the uncovered top portion of the Cover. Air flows through the lower uncovered vents and then exits directly through the upper partially covered chin vents, creating optical ventilation for open cockpit drivers. 

Schuberth Chin Spoiler adds to the already streamline design of the helmet by creating additional downforce on the front portion of the helmet. This helps prevent the lifting sensation on the front portion of the helmet shell as the drivers speed increases. 

Schuberth Rear Spoiler is designed for drivers racing open cockpit vehicles. Attached using double sided adhesive tape, the rear spoiler increases stability by providing slight downforce. 

Schuberth Forced Air attaches to the top of the using high strength double sided adhesive, and allows drivers to pump fresh air through the dedicated air channels within the helmet EPS. Connector Size: 1.25"


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